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How To Measure Yourself

The beauty of made-to-measure is that it is just that - made to your exact measurements - but as you very rarely have to measure yourself to buy from your usual favourite stores, measuring yourself can be slightly confusing, so here's a little guide if you need a helping hand!

Whenever you're measuring, its super important to make sure your tape measure is straight and parallel to the ground all the way around your body. Take the measurement from where the tape measure meets sitting comfortably on your body - don't pull it any tighter!

Bust - put politely, measure around the fullest part of your bust. Not quite so politely, you're wanting to measure wherever your boobs are biggest!

Waist - the waist is a tricky thing, but its normally around or slightly above your belly button. If you're purchasing a skirt, this measurement will correspond with the waistband of the skirt, so measure around where you would want the skirt to sit on your body. Similarly for dresses, the 'waist' will be where the skirt of the dress begins to flair out from.

Hips - hips are also a tricky thing, but what I need from you is the measurement from wherever your lower half is biggest, so this could be around your hips, or it could be a bit lower, around your bum or thighs if you've got more of a mermaid figure. Basically, I just need to know what you've got to wiggle skirts up over!

If you're ever unsure or are looking for any extra advice, feel free to get in touch!

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